Plan Your Visit

Walking in to a new church can be scary

When you come to Durkeetown, we want you to feel comfortable - like you're coming to a place that is FOR you. Here, on this page, you'll find everything you need to know so you'll know what to expect when you come to Durkeetown for the first time. 


When is Worship?

We have two fairly identical (sermon/pastor is the same) worship services at two different times and locations:

          At St. James Community Church - 9:00am-10:15am (with a Bible study to follow)

          At Durkeetown Church - 10:30am-11:30am

Livestreaming is available at the FaceBook Live Durkeetown Baptist Church page each Sunday morning at 10:30am

During the Durkeetown Church service the kids aged 3 years old through 2nd. grade will be dismissed for Children's Church, if you so desire to send them.


Where is Durkeetown located? 

St. James is located in the village of Fort Edward at 112 Broadway

Durkeetown is located outside of the village of Fort Edward at 2 Durkeetown Road


Where do I park?

At St. James there is a parking lot accessed by turning on East Street and then right onto Canal Street - you'll see a parking lot behind the church (just past the Fort Edward Market) - you can also parallel park on Broadway in front of the church if spaces are available

At Durkeetown there are two large parking lots on either side of the old chapel


What about Sunday School?

Our Sunday School year begins at the start of the school year (in September) and begins at 9:00am - we have classes for every age from PreK all the way to Adults - note: Sunday School for all ages is at the Durkeetown location only


What should I wear?

We invite you to wear what you're comfortable in. Dress ranges from casual to dress/casual and suit/tie


Will I fit in?

Durkeetown is a multi-generational church with a wide range of families and ages. We welcome anyone, regardless of your religious beliefs, political leanings, economic bracket, profession, ethnicity, culture, marital status, how you dress or music preferences - our desire is to offer a place where you can listen, learn and grow in your beliefs about God, in your relationships with other believers and in the place God has for you in this world.


Where should I go when I arrive?

Regardless of where you park or what time you arrive, you should go to the largest building on the campus - the building in the front is the old chapel but we currently meet in the building in the back - head through the large double doors accessed through the columned entryway. Someone will be there to guide you further in where you should go next.

 What can I expect during the Worship service?

Our Worship service will always include Scripture-reading, music which includes singing and playing a combination of both contemporary worship songs and great hymns of the faith, and a Bible-based sermon. We make no apologies for preaching the whole counsel of God from His Word, firmly believing that the Bible is God's Truth and gives us all we need to live a full, fruitful and godly life in our world today. 

So, COME this Sunday - TAKE A BREATH - RESET - actually ENJOY being in church!