Our Story

To God Be The Glory . . . Great Things He Has Done!


The celebration of the history of any faithful church is really the celebration of God's faithfulness. We joyfully embrace the Scriptural reality that we exist only by His pleasure and for His pleasure. Our vision is to train the coming generations to set their hope in God (Psalm 42-43).  

We are grateful for a long and fruitful history as a Church family in rural northern New York. As far as we can determine the gospel has been preached at this corner for 175 years. This is one significant way the Durkeetown Baptist Church has joyfully participated in shouting out the good news of our King Jesus and His kingdom among us.   

When the church began in 1832 Andrew Jackson was President of the United States. We were a nation moving west, yet God burdened a group of farmers to pioneer a witness for Jesus amongst the Durkeetown farming community. Since that time God has brought this congregation through drought, depression, wars and rumors of war. The blessing of bountiful harvests, economic and culture changes, incredible world events and even through the ever changing landscape of religious philosophy. By his grace 175 years later we stand firmly on the Word of God as that which will be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.