Go Into All The World And Preach The Gospel




Church Partnerships

     Nordstern Church in Frankfurt, Germany

          Team Leader: Felix Trompell

     Loftstofan Baptist in Reykjavik, Iceland

          Team Leader: Gunnar Gunnersson

     Oroszlany Baptist in Oroszlany, Hungary

          Team Leader: Marci Csiha

     Plateau Church in Montreal, Quebec

          Team Leader: Brad Morrice

     Regeneration Baption in Podolsk, Russia

          Team Leader: Max Minkov

      OneLife Community in Glens Falls, NY

          Team Leader: Chris Miller 

Cross-Cultural Missionaries

     Family Z in Tajikistan  

Durkeetown Missionaries

     (Sent, supported and members of Durkeetown Baptist)

     Doug and Amy Roeglin in Edinburg, Texas at Rio Grande Bible Institute

     Zach, Kate and Noah Prater in Montreal, Quebec


Ministry/Missionary Organizations

     Baptist Seminary of Quebec (SEMBEQ) - Francois Turcotte


Retired Missionaries

     Jim and Dee Percy

     Grace Fabian


NOTE: Some info may be omitted to ensure the safety of our missionary families in certain areas of the world.