Go Into All The World And Preach The Gospel




Church Partnerships

     Nordstern Church in Frankfurt, Germany

          Team Leader: Felix Trompell

     Loftstofan Baptist in Reykjavik, Iceland

          Team Leader: Gunnar Gunnersson

     Oroszlany Baptist in Oroszlany, Hungary

          Team Leader: Marci Csiha

     Plateau Church in Montreal, Quebec

          Team Leader: Brad Morrice

     Regeneration Baption in Podolsk, Russia

          Team Leader: Max Minkov

      OneLife Community in Glens Falls, NY

          Team Leader: Chris Miller 

Cross-Cultural Missionaries

     Family Z in Tajikistan  

Durkeetown Missionaries

     (Sent, supported and members of Durkeetown Baptist)

     Doug and Amy Roeglin in Edinburg, Texas at Rio Grande Bible Institute



Ministry/Missionary Organizations

     Baptist Seminary of Quebec (SEMBEQ) - Francois Turcotte


Retired Missionaries

     Jim and Dee Percy

     Grace Fabian


NOTE: Some info may be omitted to ensure the safety of our missionary families in certain areas of the world.