Watchmen on the Wall (Lent 2024)

We, as modern-day believers, have a stewardship to keep watch over our souls and to be proclaimers of the good news that is now completed in Jesus and will be consummated at His glorious return. Isaiah 62:6 will be the key text for this series entitled "Watchmen on the Wall" 

May God help us to raise up faithful men and women who stand on the wall and never hold their peace by day or night.


February 18 Isaiah 62:6-7 "The Watchman's Work"

February 25 Isaiah 62:8-63:19 "The Watchman's Hope"

March 3 Isaiah 64:1-5 "The Watchman's Need"

March 10 Isaiah 64:6-7 "The Watchman's Reality"

March 17 Isaiah 64:8-12 "The Watchman's Question"

March 28 Matthew 21:1-17 "The Watchman Enters the City"


Would you join us during this Lent season for the sermon series?