What's going on in our big, BIG world?

What are missionaries doing all over the globe?

What can I do to help missionaries?

What can I do to reach MY world?


Have you ever asked any of these questions? Well, I've got some kid-rific sites for you -


Ask Mom or Dad first and then check these out for yourself: ~ this site is sponsered by Voice of the Martyrs and is perfect if you want to learn more about other nations and kids facing persecution for their faith. A different nation is featured occasionally with everything from recipes to snippets of language. You can even download books about different countries and the people from those countries - very educational plus it will encourage you to pray for believers around the world. ~ this site is sponsered by Wycliffe Translation organization and has many links just for kiddos! Click on "Resources" to find the "For Kids" tab (on the left of your screen). KC the talking suitcase takes you on his travels back in time, into the work, and around the world. Its interactive, full of information, and


So log on TODAY and have fun learning about YOUR WORLD!