Children's Church Break

There will be no Children's Church for the month of July - our team has been "on duty" for over an entire year (a very difficult year at that) with no time off - our team leader is on vacay for the month and we thought this would be a great time for some time off (for good behavior)

Please be on the lookout, parents, for some extra special "quiet activities" to keep your littles occupied during the worship service for this month:

There will be extended Children's Worship Bulletins specially geared for ages 3-6

There will be some "quiet packets" with (hopefully) busy ideas for little hands to do

There will be some individually wrapped snack packs (in the church office) if you so desire your kiddos to have one


So we're not leaving you high and dry - BUT you may want to brace yourself just the same and prepare some ideas of your own - after all, who knows your kids better than you?

We'll be returning in August so never fear!