Being the Church IRL (in real life) - Sermon Series on Book of James

New sermon series coming your way beginning August 13 entitled "Being the Church IRL (in real life)" - it's important to understand that the privilege of being a church in this modern world is about placing value on doing basic, common, or even ordinary things. These basics are undervalued or overlooked in a day when the church appears to be slipping into an uncertain future. Often the local church is frustrated because it feels it needs to be flashy to compete with all that vies for the attention of its people.

We must remember that it is Jesus who is building His church and that nothing will stand in its way. If we believe that to be true then let us be serious about doing the basic things that we are given to do via the book of James - he writes under the authority of the Spirit of God to teach us the (basic) things of Jesus Christ. 

Join us as we delve into the Book of James and discover how we can faithfully be the church IRL.


***Special Note: There will be two other opportunities to explore the book of James with Dave Earsing leading an adult discussion group during Sunday School (beginning September 17) and Pastor Ken leading another discussion group at St. James on Wednesday evenings covering various themes from the book. Here are the dates and themes for Pastor Ken's group:

August 30 - "Can I Just Skip the Trials?" James 1

September 6 - "Why Can't I Face in Opposite Directions at the Same Time? James 1-2

September 13 - "Have You Ever Started a Forest Fire?" James 3

September 27 - "What Should You Do When Your Passions Get in the Way of Your Prayers?" James 4

October 4 - "What Can We Learn About Prayer From James, Job and Elijah?" James 5


You can also purchase a commentary of James called, "The Message of James" by J.A. , for your own personal study - it can be purchased at


And one thing WE ALL CAN DO (and it's absolutely free) is to begin reading James as much as possible.