Postcards from the Past

From times past Durkeetown Baptist Church has enjoyed a gospel presence in this area - sometimes colorful and even humorous, but always faithful.  This page will include some "snippets" of our varied past.

~ read on and enjoy the "postcards" ~



     ~ the first Durkeetown Church building was erected in 1832 for less than $2000?

     ~ since the formation of the church in 1833, 28 pastors have served?

     ~ in 1858, the church voted to withdraw the hand of fellowship from Eliza Hopkins for "disorderly conduct"?

     ~ also in 1858, a motion resolved that Brother Williams care for the church and furnish wood for one year for the sum of $10?

     ~ in 1883, a resolution was drawn prohibiting dancing?

     ~ at the annual meeting in May 1928, the treasurer's report showed a balance on hand of $41.48 and a missionary budget of $10 




"High-Flying Wedding"

Many weddings have been held in the church - each unique in one way or another.

One wedding was particularly memorable. After the ceremony and the reception line a helicopter appeared on the horizon. To everyone's surprise, it landed in the parking lot. The new couple boarded and were whisked away to the reception!

What a way to start out together!