Training Stronger Teachers (Online Teacher Training)

For our Teacher Training - including Sunday School Teachers/Assistants and Children's Church Teachers/Workers - our option this year is to do it online. It's a safer and, needless to say, more convenient way to give you some exceptional training and encouragement. 

This training is provided to us via YouTube on Susan Wright's channel, "Wright Ideas with Susan," herself an excellent teacher. She has shared a taped training session with Wes Fittell, an Australian former missionary and children's minister for over 40 years. He is, you will soon see, really good at what he does. You will glean A LOT from his years of expertise - methods that will definitely enhance your own teaching should you implement them.

I will be sharing the 6 videos (each approximately 15 minutes long) via our FaceBook page, Durkeetown Christian Education Team plus sending them as attachments by email (for those of you NOT on FaceBook). They will go out starting Saturday, May 1 - one a week until all 6 have been shared with you.

Also, there will be "Listening Packets" for each video session which, hopefully, will give you a place to take notes, fill in information and develop ideas you can hold onto when circumstances provide us the opportunity to RESUME all activities at Durkeetown - including TEACHING again.

 These video training sessions are a MUST for all current Durkeetown Children's Church and Sunday School teaching staff, however, even if you're NOT currently teaching but would love to receive the training, you certainly may do so. There will be a sign-up for all participating so I can know who to give listening packets to and also who to email the video attachments to. I simply need your email added to my Teacher-list to include you in the emailings.

The 6 sessions are entitled:

1. Kid's Learning Styles

2. Helping Kids Remember Your Message

3. What About God? (Demonstration Lesson for Kids)

4. How to Ask Good Questions

5. The Memory Process

6. John 14:2 - How to Teach a Memory Verse

Please join us for our Teacher Training this year and let's TRAIN STRONGER TEACHERS!