The Four Last Things (Advent 2020)

Very often the season of Advent is seen as a sort of "warm up" to Christmas and not as a way of thinking back over the past year and preparation for the coming year. Advent, in many ways, should be a time of serious examination of how we are doing as followers of Jesus. I know many would love to see 2020 come to a quick end, but let's not think like the secular world. Instead let's think like Christians because it might be that God has more for us to learn and Advent is the time to do just that. 

Please consider reading 2 Peter as the Advent messages will be based upon that letter.

Sermons will be as follows:

November 29 - Hey Death, Jesus is No Cleverly Devised Tale

December 6 - Christmas in Covid Land

December 13 - We Need Some Christmas NOW!

December 20 - The Other Side of Grace

December 27 - God is Still With Us