Return to In-Person Worship

Let's CELEBRATE! We return to full Durkeetown Worship on March 7 (along with St. James till at least March 28) at our Durkeetown location.

FULL Durkeetown Worship means praising Him with our SINGING and, also, Children's Church will resume. 

Because of our recent bout with COVID, some of our "mask protocol" has changed ever so slightly - here are some new guidelines:

* The narthex will be an area where masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES by EVERYONE

* The family room is an area where masks MAY BE removed for certain parts of the service HOWEVER, we are asking that you KEEP YOUR MASK ON until you're invited to remove your mask - this means you should wear your mask before the service begins and up until we indicate masks can be removed

* Please, as was before, wear your mask anytime we sing and read Scriptures together

* Also, as always, maintain social distancing and make use of the hand sanitizers as necessary

Special Note for our St. James Community: 

The delay in reopening is due in part to a hope that more people in the St. James congregation will have received the vaccination. In no way should this delay be thought of as stepping back from our desire to see a congregation grow in Fort Edward. For those familiar with the meeting area, you will understand that because it's a bit smaller, that makes it harder to maintain social distancing practices. We look forward to reopening on Palm Sunday and providing an ongoing ministry from that point forward.