Prepare Him Room Sermon Series

What does Jesus' "birth story"  have i common with His death story? If we look closely, we can see the shadow of death fell over Jesus from the moment He was born - just as there was no room for Him, so there wasn't room for Him while He lived. 

The question that looms larger is "Do YOU have room for Jesus?" 

Have you prepared yourself to receive the Savior and His gift of salvation?

December 1 - Matthew 27:1-14 Prepare Him Room: Delivered

December 8 - Matthew 27:15-26 Prepare Him Room: Rejected

December 15 - Matthew 27:27-44 Prepare Him Room: Crucified

December 22 - Matthew 27:45-50 Prepare Him Room: Forsaken

December 29 - Matthew 27: 51-56 Prepare Him Room: Declared