Pew Departure {Mission Week}

The leadership of Durkeetown, St. James and OneLife is please to invite you to take part in celebrating the work of God together as a church family. A vehicle called Mission Week is what we will drive as we hear abou God's work in Quebec and in Frankfurt, Germany. But perhaps an even greater thrill will come as we see what is being done here in our own communities. 

We'll embark on our journey beginning Saturday, June 23 as we take a morning drive to one of three non-church venues - the emphasis on taking action in our own backyard. The Community Connect idea is intended to help grow two local businesses and one local Christian ministry. For more details, click here.

In the evening, return to the Fort Edward area as we work toward helping St. James Bible Fellowship to gain a greater presence in the community. The SuperHero-themed Family Fun Night is designed to draw in residents of the Fort Edward community to enjoy food, music, and games for all ages at both St. James Church and the Canal STreet Market Place (adjacent to St. James parking lot). Click here for more details.

Sunday, June 24 will find us at various church venues with various starting times for worship services - click here for all the details of when and where and who.

That evening, drive back out to Durkeetown for Dinner and a Meeting. Details can be found here

More details are coming soon concerning Small groups meeting at various locations in the area on Monday, June 25 and Tuesday, June 26.

The Grand Finale will take place at Church of the Messiah Parish Hall with a closing meal and service. Details here.