One God - One Mission - Many Voices

Our six-week summer sermon series will focus on energizing our congregation for God's mission to the unchurched through magnifying the greatness of God in worship. Too often we grow indifferent to prayer and action with people around us because we have grown cold in our worship fo the living God. The grand story of the Bible never puts worship and mission at odds with each other but instead shows how worship of the One True Living God works to multiply the voices who then in turn tell others about God's saving work through Jesus Christ.

Here are the sermons for this new series:

July 19 God's Plant for Unification  Acts 2:1-13

July 26 What Does the Church Have to Give?  Acts 3

August 2 How is the Church to Go?  Acts 5:12-32

August 9 Great Among the Nations. Acts 8:4-40

Join us as we prepare to carry the message of God's saving work to the world.