Kingdoms in Conflict Sermon Series

 Kingdoms in Conflict (Matthew 14-17): Two questions loom large over human history - who is Jesus and what will be our response to Him? Matthew helps us understand why getting these questions answered correctly has eternal implication and why answering them in this life puts the church in conflict with the world in which we live. 


Matthew 14-17 Sermon Dates and Titles:

1-27 The True King (14:13-36)

2-3 Kingdoms of the Heart (15:1-20)

2-10 Faith and the Kingdom (15:21-28)

2-17 The King Work (15:29-39)

2-24 The King's Rule (16:1-20)

3-3 The King's Enemy (16:21-23)

3-10 The King's Economy (16:24-28)

3-24 The King's Essence (17:1-13)

3-31 Steve McLean

4-7 The King's Victory (17:14-27)