Build Your House Upon a Rock [SS Sign Up]

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  • Date: August 18, 2019 to September 1, 2019
  • Time: 10:00am – 11:30am

Remember the old Children's song, "The Wise Man Builds His House Upon the Rock"? We want to encourage ALL Durkeetown Children and adults to join a Sunday School class for this Fall season - LET'S BUILD OUR HOUSE UPON THE ROCK!

Sunday School Sign Up begins on August 17 - 

Age Appropriate classes for Toddler through Teens

Two Adult Classes: 

Ichthus (click to learn more) led by Jim Wever and

The Holiness of God (click to learn more) led by Mike Neigh

You're invited to join us and learn more from God's Word TOGETHER!

After all, you remember what happened to the Foolish Man who built his house upon the sand, right?  SPLAT!