Destination: Jerusalem (Sermon Series)

As we come to the conclusion of Matthew's gospel we find that Jesus lived His life by an authority higher than the demands and wished of the people. The life of Jesus was shaped by the Law, the Psalms and the Prophets. If Jesus is to be true to the Scriptures then He must go to Jerusalem, regardless of the cost because Jerusalem is the place of both judgment and deliverance.


Sermon Titles/Dates:

July 21 - Matthew 19  Jerusalem: Her Possibilities

July 28 - Matthew 20  Jerusalem: Her Demands

August 4 - Matthew 20:29-34  Jerusalem: Her Meaning

August 11 - Matthew 21:1-11  Jerusalem: Her Rejection

August 18 - Matthew 21:12-17  Rejection of God's House

August 25 - Matthew 21:18-46  Rejection of God's Prophet

September 1 - Matthew 22:1-22  Rejection of God's Priest

September 8 - Matthew 22:23-46  Rejection of God's King

September 15 - Matthew 23:1-36  Judgment on Jerusalem

September 22 - Matthew 23:37-24:2  Lament for Jerusalem


Join us as Pastor Ken draws his sermons on the book of Matthew to a close