Connecting the Dots [of our lives] - Sunday School

Connecting the Dots [of our lives] is our Sunday School theme for this year - what exactly does that mean? 

At Durkeetown Church we believe that it's important, if not vital, that we equip our people, youngest to oldest, to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ to the entire world - but, more significantly, to their own "worlds", their own personal spheres of influence. We desire our church to take their faith with them outside of Durkeetown's four walls and insert it into their personal growth, work or school environment, home and family, and even their downtime. In other words, we want their faith to connect to every part of their lives.

To that end, our Sunday School teachers are intentionally trying to focus on aspects of God's Word that their students can learn, grab a hold of and carry with them to others outside of Durkeetown. 

That's what "Connecting the Dots [of our lives] is all about - and you can be a part of the connecting process by joining a class. We have classes for every age - Toddler to the oldest Adults and everything in between.

Our Toddlers through Teens are working they way through The Gospel Project - an overview of the entire Bible, start to finish - currently learning about "The Exile and Return" with a view of the books of Esther and Nehemiah along with Malachi. The Gospel Project weaves the Gospel account into each lesson, showing how the Big Picture of the Bible is connected to the story of Jesus through and through.


Our adult options include a ladies class, God of Covenant, taught via DVD by Jen Wilkin on Genesis 12-50, covering the patriarchs of the Jewish faith. The other adult option is a Boot Camp for believers on the foundational concepts of the faith combining Bible Project videos, group discussion and Jim Wever's teaching.


Come join us each Sunday - just ONE HOUR EARLIER at 9am - to "GET CONNECTED"  in a new and exciting way to God, God's people and your world!