Ministry Apprenticeship Program

Ministry Apprenticeship Program

One of the primary responsibilities of the Elders identified in the DBC Constitution is to develop church leaders by identifying, training and discipling those gifted to teach and lead (Article 5, Section 2.1). To accomplish this the Elders developed and the members approved the Ministry Apprenticeship Program (MAP). The vision is to develop leaders who are studying and serving in their local church community.

Study & Serve

Fully immersing leaders in the daily work of ministry—equipping you to handle its challenges and pressures—is a profitable way to develop as a leader. As a ministry apprentice you develop your character while serving in ministry, being equipped with the knowledge and skill required to effectively lead Christ's church. The training is conducted in our church, by our church leaders, and for our church, church network, or church planting team.


Our ultimate goal is to foster gospel growth within our congregation and to develop leaders who will meet the desperate needs of our region for gospel outreach; including establishing and sustaining sound, Bible preaching churches in the many communities in our region that lack them. This is part of a long term strategy by which we give intentional obedience to 2 Timothy 2:1-7.


Participation will be open to men from Durkeetown and from other churches in the area. Apprentices must be recommended by the leaders of their church before being considered for admission to the program. Participation will not be limited to men who are called to full time ministry, but will be open to men lead by God to seek training in the exercise of their spiritual gifts to further His gospel.

Currently, we have two formal study sessions taking place at Durkeetown on Mondays and Tuesdays at 6pm. 

Practical Experience

The critical component of the apprenticeship program is the practical experience the apprentices will gain as they complete the academic requirements. Under the guidance of mentors who are experienced pastors and church leaders, they will participate in all aspects of pastoral ministry to equip them to be effective pastors and church leaders immediately upon completion of the program. Their experience will include preaching, leading worship, congregational care and working with church boards and committees, but will occur in the context of guidance and instruction from their mentors and support and encouragement the congregation.

Academic Affiliation

One of the greatest challenges to implementing a successful program was to provide an accredited degree to the men who desired a degree. After looking into various options, we settled on the Antioch School, which is an accredited college program designed to provide academic training and credentials to men who concurrently received practical training in a local church. This is a great fit for the program we envision. 

Leadership Opportunities

~ Ministry Apprentice – Leading in Ministry

~  Teaching Apprentice – Leading in Teaching

~  Degree Apprentice – Leading in Establishing

Contact Information

To find out how you can get involved in the Ministry Apprenticeship Program contact Pastor Mike Neigh.

~  (518) 638-6085


Note: See the Staff/Leadership page under the About heading to view a list of current commissioned apprentices